The GAD Top Three | June 3rd, 2024

Michigan REALTORS Live Stream on Pending NAR Settlement, Leelanau Township Planning Commission Considers Farm Stay Amendment, Village of Kalkaska Planning Commission Considers First Floor Dwelling in Commercial District 

We start off this week’s GAD Top 3 mentioning the Michigan REALTORS June 20th Live Stream on the pending NAR Settlement, register today you don’t want to miss this event. The Leelanau Township Planning Commission considers allowing Farm Stays to supplement farmers' agricultural income. Village of Kalkaska Planning Commission Public Hearing on first-floor dwelling units in the Downtown Commercial District this Thursday.

1. Michigan REALTORS® Live Stream on Pending NAR Settlement

On Thursday, June 20th from 1 pm to 2 pm Michigan REALTORS will be hosting a Live Stream candid conversation about the practice changes set to be implemented by August 17th, the pending settlement in relation to Michigan law, and where things stand with the Department of Justice. This event is titled “The Conversation: Focus on the Future” because it will encompass the very discussions that REALTORS are having within their brokerages and undoubtedly with clients. This event is free for all Michigan REALTORS members to attend. Just click here to register. 

To make this event as accessible to our Aspire North REALTORS membership as possible we are also making the Aspire North REALTORS office available for REALTOR® members to view the live stream. Space is limited at the Aspire North REALTORS Office so register early if you plan on attending the Live Stream in person. Michigan REALTORS has been continuously putting out new information regarding practice changes and the pending settlement, all of which you can view on their website here. To register for The Conversation: Focus on the Future Live Stream virtually or in person use the registration links below.   

Register for MI REALTORS Live Stream to Receive Link

Attend In Person Live Stream at Aspire North REALTORS Office

2. Leelanau Township Planning Commission Considers Farm Stay Amendment

On Thursday, May 23rd the Leelanau Township Planning Commission held a public hearing to consider an amendment to the Leelanau Township Zoning Ordinance to add the ability by right for Working Farming in the Leelanau Township Agricultural District to host Agritourism Farm Stays. The intention is to support the economic sustainability and resiliency of local farmers by allowing them the opportunity to supplement the agricultural income they derive from their farms. Stipulations to this Leelanau Township Zoning Ordinance amendment as currently drafted include:

  • Agricultural tourism uses are allowed only on Working Farms
  • A farm's size must be adequate to accommodate any agricultural tourism use so as not to create a nuisance or a hazard.
  • Agricultural tourism uses must meet all township zoning ordinances plus all health, building, road, safety, and all other applicable local, state, and federal regulations and codes.
  • Agricultural operations whose gross revenues solely or primarily derived from alcoholic products are not included under these provisions.
  • Some Farm Stay uses would be permitted by right others would require a Site Plan Review approved by the Leelanau Township Planning Commission. Some of these rights that would need approval include, but are not limited to:
    • Number of people staying at a Farm Stay
    • Maximum of four (4) campsites or rooms per property. Maximum occupancy of two (2) adults per room or site

The Leelanau Township Planning Commission decided at the May 23rd Public Hearing to direct the Leelanau Township Zoning Administrator to update the proposed text amendment based on their discussion to be available for discussion at the June 27th Leelanau Township Planning Commission Meeting held at 7 pm at the Leelanau Township Hall (119 E. Nagonaba, Northport, MI). Because of the Leelanau Township Hall’s limited capacity, you can also attend the meeting by Zoom.

3. Village of Kalkaska Planning Commission Considers First Floor Dwelling in Commercial District

This coming Thursday, June 6th the Village of Kalkaska Planning Commission will hold a public hearing 5 pm at their Village Office (200 Hyde Street, Kalkaska, MI) on a proposed amendment to their Zoning Ordinance. This proposed amendment would allow first-floor dwelling units in the Downtown Commercial District, provided that the residences do not have frontage on Cedar Street. At the Village of Kalkaska Planning Commission Special Meeting on May 16th, the Village of Kalkaska Manager, Aaron Popa, expressed support for this amendment due to the need for housing in the Village of Kalkaska. To view a copy of the proposed zoning ordinance amendment, visit the Village of Kalkaska Office at 200 Hyde Street, Kalkaska, MI during their office hours of Monday-Thursday 10 am to 4:30 pm. For more information on this proposed zoning ordinance visit the Village of Kalkaska website.

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