The Fairhaven Challenge

Aspire North CEO, Kim Pontius summarizes his experience taking NAR's Fairhaven training.


So last week I finally carved out some time to go visit Fairhaven. Keeping with the trend of the past year, Fairhaven is not a physical place but rather a virtual one. In truth, it is actually an experiential place—one that tests your understanding of fair housing rules and practices and scores you on the completion of four virtual transactions.

Much has been said and written about Fairhaven over the last couple of months. So I thought, oh well, I’m not traveling anywhere this spring... so why not make this trip from my desk? Let me tell you it was worth the journey.
Based on game theory, Fairhaven: A Fair Housing Simulation is a worthy investment of anyone’s time. Designed to test your understanding of what is or is not appropriate on the subjects of diversity, prejudice, ethnicity, and fair treatment of all people and how it applies to fair housing challenges, Fairhaven is a really interesting learning experience and may prove to be a wake-up call.

As an association staff member, I do not have the same perspective as our members may, but I found the lessons learned were applicable to all, which is how NAR designed it. We all need to know this material, and with Fair Housing Month coming up quickly in April, now might be the time to make your own visit to Fairhaven.
Oh yeah, the CHALLENGE.

It took me about an hour to complete 4 transactions and I passed the test. The proof is in the certificate you’ll receive at the end of the exercise if you pass. So, complete the simulation, and submit a copy of your certificate to Ashley at the association. Those that may have already done Fairhaven are eligible too! We’ll put you on the growing list of those who have successfully completed the simulation every week in the newsletter for the month of April. On Monday, May 3rd we’ll take all of the names and draw 5 winners for one of five $50 Meijer gift cards and announce the winners. Only Aspire North REALTOR® members will be eligible because you have to have access to the NAR members-only via your association login and password.
Let’s strive to get as many of our members as possible to do this very educational and entertaining training program. The best reward is that this trip to Fairhaven may help keep you out of the weeds someday regarding Fair Housing regulation.
All my best,
Kimberly Pontius

Kim Pontius photo
Kim Pontius
CEO, Aspire North REALTORS®

As the Chief Executive Officer for the Association and the regional MLS, my job is simple: keep the machinery running efficiently and effectively, make sure the staff have what they need to perform their duties responsibilities in a world-class organization, and synthesize the mass of information that our industry produces daily and try to make some sense of it. Then, I convert all of this into a great member experience. Simple!