Profiles in Partnership | Karly Wentzloff

Aspire North REALTORS® places a high value on our members who give back, particularly those who dedicate their time to support our Primary Non-Profit Partner, TART Trails. In this edition, we feature Karly Wentzloff, a long-time TART Trails advocate and member of the Nakwema Trail Advisory Committee. Karly wanted to highlight the Acme Connector Trail Campaign, which is in its home stretch!

Through July 31st, your gift will be matched 1:1 up to $75,000 through a generous matching challenge provided by the Oleson Foundation, Tri-County Bicycle Association – DALMAC Fund, and Aspire North REALTORS®.

The Acme Connector Trail is an asset that will contribute to community livability and enhance regional identity. The 1.8-mile trail will connect the TART Trail and Acme, providing safe access to businesses, existing trails, and recreation opportunities. It is also the start of the regional Nakwema Trailway.

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Michael Kent
Communications & Marketing Director

As the Communications and Marketing Director, I oversee all the messaging and the manner in which it's delivered to our members.  This includes managing our weekly newsletter, social media presence, the members-only Facebook group, and our MLS Talk listserv.  With a background in visual arts, design, photography, and videography, I also help to develop original graphics, advertisements, and photo and video content.  If you're at one of our many events and see someone walking around with a camera, that's me!  As the unofficial tech guru of the office, I also work with staff to research and implement new technology and/or processes to better serve our members and reach them where they live, something that has become more important since the time of COVID.