New Year, New Name, New Look

The Traverse Area Association of REALTORS® is thrilled to announce a new branding initiative under the name “Aspire North REALTORS®!”

For the past four years, the TAAR Board of Directors has been contending with a problem. The Association's brand falls short in its ability to represent our membership as a whole. Our membership radius has continued to spread past the boundaries of the Traverse Area, and members from outside of that area didn’t identify with the Association to which they belong. So, it became clear that the Association needed a new name and brand, one that would better represent all of our members and set us up for future success!

Why the Name?

Aspire North is all about continuous improvement, bettering our members, and celebrating the aspirational nature of being “north.” Heading north literally and figuratively conveys images of a lifestyle we all strive for. Aspire North is different. Different than other REALTOR® Associations. We believe the name is now in sync with the quality of the education, services, events, and advocacy efforts we provide to our membership.

Advancements Through Adaptation

Like most other organizations, the year 2020 has been challenging for us. However, dealing with operating under the restrictions of COVID-19 has taught us a very important lesson: we need to meet our members where they are! As an association, we’ve had to adapt to deliver the same programs and services on a virtual platform, and we’re committed to continually improving the virtual membership experience.

While the limitations of in-person meetings are not forever, some of the practices we’ve implemented as a result will be. This Association continues to grow, recently reaching a new benchmark of 1,001 members! With so many members spread across multiple counties, we cannot and will not be restricted by distance. Our newly elevated online services will be robust and engaging, providing more opportunities to connect, learn, and grow.

Evolving Over the Years

In 1946, our Association was chartered as the Traverse City Board of REALTORS®. Then in 1994, the association rebranded to the Traverse Area Association of REALTORS® to better represent a more geographically diverse membership. The association has continued to grow and expand its geographic reach, leading to this latest chapter in our brand’s story. TAAR is our past, Aspire North REALTORS® is our future.

Michael Kent photo
Michael Kent
Communications & Marketing Director

As the Communications and Marketing Director, I oversee all the messaging and the manner in which it's delivered to our members.  This includes managing our weekly newsletter, social media presence, the members-only Facebook group, and our MLS Talk listserv.  With a background in visual arts, design, photography, and videography, I also help to develop original graphics, advertisements, and photo and video content.  If you're at one of our many events and see someone walking around with a camera, that's me!  As the unofficial tech guru of the office, I also work with staff to research and implement new technology and/or processes to better serve our members and reach them where they live, something that has become more important since the time of COVID.