Meet Our President(s)

Last Friday marked the first meeting of our 2022 Board of Directors, so we would like to give a short introduction to our current, past and future leaders. We’re excited to welcome our new Board President, Matt Hodges, who has eagerly taken on this position. Matt started out his term by calling on all Aspire North Members to answer the call of leadership and take an active role in the association. “This is your association; it will rise with you, and it will fall with you” he said at the Awards & Installation of Officers Ceremony held on January 20th.

We would also like to acknowledge and thank our Board President in 2021, Dave Wilsey, for his steadfast leadership this past year and his continued dedication to the association. Looking to the future is our President-Elect, Stephanie Koppe, who served as our Secretary-Treasurer in 2021 and will serve as our Board President in 2023.

We are very lucky to have this group of leaders at the helm, and look forward to what they have in store!

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