Affiliate Spotlight | Regina Secor Premil

In case you missed it in the Aspire North Newsletter, we've made some changes to our Affiliate of the Month program. Now called Affiliate Spotlight, each month we will give a shout-out to a randomly selected Affiliate member and give them a chance to say who they are, what they do, and something that's unique about them. For this first month, we are so excited to kick things off with Regina Secor Premil of Brightway Insurance, The Secor Family Agency.

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Regina Secor Premil
Agency Owner of Brightway Insurance, The Secor Family Agency

What do you do? What sets you apart?

Brightway Insurance is an independent insurance agency, writing policies through 29 carriers for personal and commercial insurance needs. We live in a beautiful area, where folks like to have lakefront homes, boats, and ORVs and we can help you protect all of those assets. We are a hometown agency with heavy-duty corporate backing and we love offering the small agency touch. We work with a whole spectrum of clients, from those who think insurance is too complex to those who think it's straightforward. Luckily, I’m an insurance agent with the heart of an educator, so we can have a straightforward conversation so that anyone can understand their choice points and the effects of those choices.

What is something about yourself that people may not know?

For several years, I studied Mixed Martial Arts, specifically Muay Thai in the Portage, Michigan area. We had quite a diverse group, from housewives all the way up to police officers and competitive fighters. Everyone was so wonderful and welcoming and no one was out to hurt you, which is good when you’re starting on the “no skills” end of the spectrum. The person I had the most fun with was a Professional Wrestler. Occasionally, we would start warmups with a show usually ending up with me appearing to be broken and battered on the floor. That may not sound like fun, but it was incredible and a much-needed time of empowerment and strength during a dark time in my life. I mean, when you can put a Judo brown belt in a chokehold and have him “tap out,” you’re on top of the world!

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Michael Kent
Communications & Marketing Director

As the Communications and Marketing Director, I oversee all the messaging and the manner in which it's delivered to our members.  This includes managing our weekly newsletter, social media presence, the members-only Facebook group, and our MLS Talk listserv.  With a background in visual arts, design, photography, and videography, I also help to develop original graphics, advertisements, and photo and video content.  If you're at one of our many events and see someone walking around with a camera, that's me!  As the unofficial tech guru of the office, I also work with staff to research and implement new technology and/or processes to better serve our members and reach them where they live, something that has become more important since the time of COVID.