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John Springstead, Home Inspector, Home Inspections of USA

Home Inspections of USA, “The Sherlock of Homes”. We at “Team Sherlock” pride ourselves on giving our clients the best service possible, from the moment they call the office to schedule until we deliver their report, and beyond. We are always available for follow-up questions, even if a few years have passed since the time of inspection. Being in the home inspection business for 25 years now, and having had 20 years in the building industry before that, I believe is what sets us apart from many inspectors. It’s more than an inspection; it’s an education! We learned early on how to properly market our inspection company, which is mostly my wife Laurie’s end of our business. Most of you know when she has been in your office by the treats, thank you cards, and colorful newsletters she leaves behind!

This much I know, I get up every morning and look forward to going to work to help people make one of the most significant decisions of their life; purchasing a new home for themselves and their family. Educating them on the condition and all the components of the home. I especially enjoy working with first-time home buyers and the excitement level they display.

One of my favorite things is taking time to help someone in need of assistance, which I call “Random Acts of Kindness” (others refer to it as “paying it forward”). Not simply opening the door for someone, but actually taking time to help someone in need. Like pulling someone out of a ditch after a heavy snowstorm, randomly dropping my plow in someone’s driveway as I pass by their home, or helping a friend with a home project so they can cross off one more item on their “honey-do” list.

In my spare time, I enjoy tinkering in my custom pole barn (man cave), making cigar box guitars in my wood shop, (even though I do not play guitar), and spending time with my family.


Phone (office): 231-544-8016

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Michael Kent
Communications & Marketing Director

As the Communications and Marketing Director, I oversee all the messaging and the manner in which it's delivered to our members.  This includes managing our weekly newsletter, social media presence, the members-only Facebook group, and our MLS Talk listserv.  With a background in visual arts, design, photography, and videography, I also help to develop original graphics, advertisements, and photo and video content.  If you're at one of our many events and see someone walking around with a camera, that's me!  As the unofficial tech guru of the office, I also work with staff to research and implement new technology and/or processes to better serve our members and reach them where they live, something that has become more important since the time of COVID.