2021 Ed Petty Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

We are thrilled to announce Paul Scott, an absolute legend in our industry, as this year's winner of the Ed Petty Lifetime Achievement Award!

In 2018, Aspire North REALTORS® established the Ed Petty Lifetime Achievement Award to recognize, each year, an individual who personifies a lifetime of outstanding vision, dedication, and commitment to our Real Estate industry.  Here are just a few of the statements made in the numerous nominations received for this year’s Ed Petty Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, Paul Scott.

Paul is a legend in the real estate community known for his incredible resume of giving back to the real estate industry. The list is endless and began in 1971. Paul has served on the TAAR Board as a Past President, and on almost every committee at the State and the National level. Paul is a Past Michigan Realtors® President and is one of only 95 (DSA’s) Distinguished Service Award Winners in the United States, the highest honor that can be bestowed by the National Association of Realtors®. Paul has not only given back to his industry, but also to his community in very significant ways. He’s served on County Boards, Public and Independent School Boards, State Agricultural and Tax Boards, several non-profit foundations, and even the Northwestern Michigan College Board.

Paul has given the gift of mentorship and leadership. For the last 48 years, he has purposely sought out individuals to groom as future leaders. This gift to the industry has been so impactful because Paul has created an army of skilled individuals that will continue to lead into the future. Paul planned ahead; beyond grooming future leaders, he also taught them that it was their duty to continue seeking out and mentoring new leaders to follow in their footsteps, just as he did.

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Michael Kent
Communications & Marketing Director

As the Communications and Marketing Director, I oversee all the messaging and the manner in which it's delivered to our members.  This includes managing our weekly newsletter, social media presence, the members-only Facebook group, and our MLS Talk listserv.  With a background in visual arts, design, photography, and videography, I also help to develop original graphics, advertisements, and photo and video content.  If you're at one of our many events and see someone walking around with a camera, that's me!  As the unofficial tech guru of the office, I also work with staff to research and implement new technology and/or processes to better serve our members and reach them where they live, something that has become more important since the time of COVID.