2020 President’s Award Winner

At our Awards and Installation of Officers Event held on January 14th, our 2020 Board President, Joni Holly presented the President's Award to Matt Hodges!

At the event, Past President Holly had this to say about Matt:

When I first got to know Matt, I thought he was a goofball, the life of the party, a funny guy. Then I added him to my Facebook and his first post I read was about one of his daughters and it really melted my heart. 

Over time I've gotten to know Matt better and there's a lot more to Matt than a good time. In our industry, Matt has given endless hours of his time to volunteerism. He has been on the board for 3 years as a Director and is our incoming President this year and will be serving 3 more years. Matt has given his time to chair our RPAC Committee and has done an excellent job. We exceeded all goals and of course did it with fun! Matt has also been involved in Political Advocacy for housing, giving a voice from our Association when and where it matters. Matt's Group has a Trailer, and they partnered with others to help Father Fred keep those in need warm this winter. He has spent time doing other fundraisers to help the community. The first three letters in "fundraiser" spell FUN, so it's no wonder Matt is there.

Matt has spent years helping out Veterans. His passion and heart really show as his favorite Veteran is his Grandpa. He has been influential in starting Charlie Golf One, which is a military term for "standing by to assist". Their mission is to establish a housing community for qualified veterans and their families.

If you know Matt, you know he likes to golf. He holds the Champion Trophy Cup for the last two years from our Association's Annual Golf Outing. He also holds the current trophy for the Chili Cook-Off, which should be no surprise as Matt enjoys cooking, and if it involves family, friends, and fun, even better!

Matt is all about family and his heart and soul are on his sleeve when it comes to Marrisa and his daughters. Covid wasn't all bad this year as it was time well spent with those ladies. 

Matt took some of our down time this year to get his Broker's License to be able to serve his clients with an extra boost of knowledge. Matt serves his clients with the same passion and enthusiasm that he takes each day with and his motto is "Always Totally Motivated,"

I could go on, but then we'd have to deal with him 😊 Matt is a great guy, a lot of fun, well deserving of this award, and I expect we will continue to see great things from Matt.