2023 Aspire North REALTORS Endorsed Candidates

Over the month of September, Aspire North REALTORS members completed a candidate screening process for the Traverse City Mayor and the 3 open City Commission seats. This was a targeted race as determined by the Aspire North REALTORS Public Policy Committee due to the multitude of important real estate-related issues the Traverse City Commission is currently (and will be) addressing in the coming months and years. This process included a candidate questionnaire and candidate interviews, after which recommendations were made for candidate endorsements that were approved by the Aspire North REALTORS Board of Directors.

Below you can view the full list of candidates as they appeared on the Traverse City ballot, including the questionnaires completed by the Traverse City Mayor and City Commission candidates for the candidate screening process. All candidates who completed the questionnaire also participated in candidate interviews for consideration of Aspire North REALTORS endorsement.

Unsure if you are registered and ready to vote for REALTOR Champions in November? Visit mi.gov/vote to check your voter registration status, find your polling location, and much more! For questions or more information contact connor@aspirenorthrealtors.com

Traverse City Mayor and City Commission Race